What’s your favorite marketing campaign?

I had a job interview the other day and one of the questions stumped me a bit. The interviewer simply asked, “What is your favorite marketing campaign”. It’s not that I don’t have favorites, it’s just that I had never thought about it in terms of answering an interview question.
I know this is not hard, but put yourself in my shoes. It’s ok to take a moment before answering, but I can’t sit for 2 minutes considering all the possibilities – that’s a lot of dead air. Then, all I can think of is “What is he looking for here?”, “What does he want me to like?” “What does he like?” These thoughts are wasting valuable time!
So, I blurt out Nike’s Marketing campaign – all around the swoosh. It’s simple, effective and recognizable everywhere. You don’t even need to say Nike – just show the swoosh.
The answer doesn’t seem to impress and now, all these other campaigns are flooding into my head. I ask what his favorite is. He tells me he has lots, but Intel and Apple are high on the list. Of course they are – they have amazing marketing machines. Why didn’t I say that?
I have to say, Apple was one of the ones that came to mind after I went with the Nike thing. But, I couldn’t say that. I also thought of Dove’s campaign for real beauty – one of my favorites and what has made me a loyal Dove customer.
Chalk up another interview experience and new things to think about.
So, what’s your favorite marketing campaign? Help me out – maybe I’ll get the job next time!


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  1. Lea on

    My favorite marketing campaign is still tv ads. People could easily remember you on tv.

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