This Sunday’s Globe . . . arrgghhh

In this Sunday’s Money & Careers section of the Boston Globe, several things got under my skin a bit. First of all, is the economy so bad that the front page and most of page 2 are devoted to “A buyers’ guide to hybrid autos”? Didn’t that type of thing used to go into the auto section? Then, they actually chose the Ford Fusion Hybrid over the Toyota Prius (ok, I just bought a Prius, but I would feel this way even if I had not). C’mon, it’s unproven, get lower gas mileage and the rear seats don’t even fold down – what??!
Next, I reach the lower right corner of page 2 to read Peter Post – Etiquette at Work. J.P. asks if it is ok to use a Blackberry for social purposes in a class and if it’s ok to leave your Bluetooth headset in your ear while meeting with clients. No, really – this is his question. And, Peter goes on with his answer for 5 long paragraphs. How ’bout – Duh, JP – what are you thinking? Of course it’s not ok.
Finally, I read the question/reply from the “Job Doc” – Patricia Hunt Sinacole. Now, I have to say, I know Pattie – not really well, but she lives just down the street from me, same PTA stuff, I know her sister . . . Best that I can tell, she is great at what she does. But, for this particular question, I just saw things a bit differently. I can’t give you the whole thing here, but it was a question/commentary from someone who is trying to be hired by a ‘think-tank’ that only wants to hire applicants from top-tier schools. He gives his credentials and recounts the rebuff he has received from the HR people. The answer then focuses on all the things he could try to do to convice these guys that he is right for the job – including providing relevant work samples and a 90-day plan outlining what he could accomplish in the first days on the job. There is even a suggestion to write a summary of recent hires and describe why they were not a good match for the role (The question writer mentions that several Ivy League grads have not worked out in this position). Hold on there – how about a little chastizing of the organization? How about encouraging companies who practice this type of bias against non-Ivy schools to come up for air and take a look at a whole slew of really great people with degrees from great schools that may not be covered in ivy? application denied
I have to say, the Globe was disappointing this weekend. There are rarely any jobs listed anymore, but some good information might be worth reading.


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  1. Pattie Hunt Sinacole on

    Interesting perspective! One hundred people can see one event and all see something different… a different slant, a different angle. It is what makes the world go ’round for sure.

    • lhkellett on

      Thanks for the reply. You certainly are right about different views – keeps social media alive too! No disrespect meant with the comments – just another perspective.

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