Back from vacation.

I have been out of commission for a while, relative to writing. Work has been busy, I have been looking and interviewing for a new job (I can say this out loud because my current client knows I want more hours and he cannot give them to me) and I actually took a 9 day vacation! Yes, my husband and I left our youngest at home and went away to celebrate our anniversary. It was great, by the way.
I always come back from vacation with mixed emotions. I am a bit of a homebody, so I actually get to a point where I am excited about getting home. On the other hand, I love the easy days of vacation and can dread getting back to all the things I missed at the office.
As a contract employee, I always come back with the hope I was sorely missed! There would be nothing worse than to be away and have everything continue without a glitch while you are gone. Fortunately, I came back to a well managed list of issues – I was needed and missed, but the sky had not fallen. This is the best thing I could hope for.
Now, onward with projects and making things happen – to make sure I am missed, at least a little bit, the next time I take a vacation!


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