Politics and business don’t mix

Do you add quotes or funny things to the bottom of your email signature? Do you know people who do? I’m not talking about personal emails – I mean your business account. I know some people who wear their politics, religion or opinions on their sleeve and include things in their business emails that are, in my opinion, not appropriate.
It is just a bad idea to tout your personal beliefs in anything related to your employer. Of course, I’m assuming that your employer is not the Democratic National Committee or anything like that!
So, please take a look at the info in your signature. Is it just the basics? Could anything be misconstrued or seem offensive? When in doubt – take it out. It’s not good for your company or your own career.
If you have seen an example of this or think this is not a big deal – leave a comment – I would like to know what others think.
Lee Kellett
“Political opinions do not belong in your email signatures at work.” 😉


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