The new working woman.

Now, I know many women out there will not like this post.  I am going to say this out loud – ok, I’m going to write it down – ladies, you cannot have it all!  There, I’m still here – I have not been struck down by the feminist lightning bolt.

Now that I have your attention, what I really want to say is that many working women have changed their priorities over the years.  They have determined that having that big corporate job and the good marriage and the well behaved kids and a social life is not all that easy – or even that desirable.  I’m not going to get into the working mom vs. stay at home mom debate, because I don’t think there should be a debate.  Do what works for you – it’s none of my business.cartoon

For those of us who really do want to work, I’m saying that there are options.  Work full time if that makes sense for you, but I want to talk about the large group of women who are well educated, smart, talented, resourceful – and work part time.  We are out there and in larger numbers than many people may think.  I continue to be amazed at how many of my friends and acquaintances are now back to working part time.  Many had taken a few years off when the kids were young and are now getting into the work force during school hours.  They are not all teachers either.

I, for one, currently work 20 hours/week with a long term contract and do some writing and looking for future projects on the side.  My friend Kelly is an accountant and is now working every day until 2:00ish so she can get home for the kids after school.  I ran into Ellen today, she has picked up a 15 hour/wk office manager’s job while her 3 kids are in school.  I can go on and on, but I really want to tell you a little more about these and other women – and why businesses should hire them.

The bottom line is that we are a great value.  We come into a part-time job with full-time skills.  Many of us have had some of the ‘bigger’ jobs and all that knowledge comes along for the ride – even if that is not what we are being paid to do.  We also are appreciative.  Yes, we think it is great that you have given us an opportunity to work and keep some flexibility in our busy lives.  So, when we are at work, we tend to work hard and work fast and work smart – we don’t want to mess this up!

Finally, we tend to be a very cost effective solution for your business.  Many of us don’t command the big salaries in part time positions.  Many of us bill by the hour and save you hundreds of dollars each month on benefits.  You pay only when we work – many of these jobs don’t come with paid vacation time.  It’s good for us, because we don’t have to feel guilty about taking days when we need them. 

So, let’s hear it for the new working woman – part-time is the new full-time!


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